Food Preparation

The ways of preparation of food, and types of sauce or gravy used:

Indian: mostly North Indian food, cooked in tradional style but much milder in spices.

Butter sauce: most popular, tomato-based, creamy, red curried sauce with herbs and spices

Masala sauce: red curried sauce of tomato and onion, with creamy texture

Bhuna: rich, dark sauce combo of onion, tomato w/ ginger, herbs, spices and fresh mint

Curry: yellow curried sauce with smooth flavor of herbs and spices

Korma: flavorful and rich yellow curried sauce of yogurt and almond paste

Coconut sauce: full blend of coconut milk in yellow curried sauce, w/ fresh cilantro blast

Zalfrage: fresh combination of seasonal vegetables and onion, with dash of garlic

Beans sauce: perfect combination of mixed beans, blended in yellow curry

Karahi: combination of bell peppers, onion, ginger, garlic and fresh herbs

Chili: Indo Chinese combination sauce of garlic, ginger, light soya and chili curry paste

Biryani: exotic, highly flavored basmati rice, with whole garam masala, cooked slowly

Bhutanese: known for blending the taste of mild cheese w/ red or green chilis in each dish

Tibetan: Tibetan preparation of momos and thukpas, popular in India, Bhutan and Nepal

Indo-Chinese: perfect combo of Indian and Chinese spices, popular Indian street food

Nepali: milder style of Indian cooking. No puree or use of blended sauce